Astrophysica 1.0 for Windows

July 24, 2000: several bugs have been corrected. See download page for details

Astrophysica for Windows performs calculations for astrophysical applications:

  1. Rate calculations
    Non-resonant rates can be calculated from the corresponding S factors. S-factors are given either from a data file, or from calculated values (R-matrix or potential model- see below). Resonant rates are calculated from resonance data. Tail contributions are taken into account
    The reaction rates are provided in a tabular form, with analytical approximations. They can be compared with the Caltech or NACRE results.

  2. R-matrix calculations
    Capture cross sections can be calculated within the R-matrix formalism. Input data are observed values, which correspond to experimental data. The link between observed and calculated parameters is performed as explaind in Ref. (C. Angulo and P. Descouvemont, Phys. Rev. C60,...,2000). External contribution is taken into account.
    The program performs fits of the data starting from approximate paramater values.
    Final results can be used to compute the reaction rate.

  3. Potential model
    Woods-Saxon or Gaussian potentials can be used. Final results can be used to compute the reaction rate.

  4. Downloading data files from the NACRE server
    If you have an Internet connection, S-factor files can be downloaded from the NACRE server ( These data can be saved for further use, to compute reaction rates or to perform R-matrix fits. Experimental S-factors for about 80 reactions are currently available.

Please report any comment, bug, problem suggestion, etc... to

Pierre Descouvemont
Université Libre de Bruxelles

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