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Information about the new machine pntpm1

  1. Characteristics
    • Xeon 2.5 Ghz (2x4 processors)
    • Hard disk: 750 Gb
    • Memory 8Gb

  2. Cluster program
    The cluster is running the new verson of mosix: mosix2. This means that any command running more than typically 1 minute should be launched by

    mosrun  command

    • Information can be obtained by man mosrun
    • Tools to control the execution:
      • mosps aux
      • mon

  3. Fortran compiler(s)
    1. Lahey compiler:lf95
      1. linux command : lf95
      2. link with libraries: ftn95 file creates the executable file.out from file.f
      3. Information
        1. man lf95
        2. user's guide (pdf)
        3. Language reference (pdf): list of all fortran statements
        4. Blas library: list of subroutines
        5. Openmp user's guide (pdf)

    2. Intel compiler: ifort
      1. linux command: ifort
      2. link with libraries: ftn95_ifort file creates the executable file.out from file.f
      3. Important note: the Intel compiler does not warn for uninitialized variables. This can be done at run time by compiling with option "-C".
      4. Information
        1. man ifort
        2. ifort --help
        3. web page with error codes

    3. Gnu compiler: gfortran
      1. linux command: gfortran
      2. Link with libraries: ftn95_gfortran file creates the executable file.exe from file.f
      3. Information:
  4. Installed softwares
    1. mathematica: math
    2. maple: maple, maple9 (text mode), xmaple, xmaple9 (graphic mode)
    3. MS Office
      • excel: Microsof Excel
      • winword: Microsoft Word
      • powerpnt: Microsoft Powerpoint
      • iexplore: Internet Explorer

  5. Backups
    Backups are performed every day (4:00 am), every week (sunday) and every month (1st day).
    They can be accessed at
    1. /backup/daily
    2. /backup/weekly
    3. /backup/monthly
    Please do not edit these files. You should just copy them to your HOME directory.

  6. Some useful PDF files
    1. bash commands
    2. vi editor
    3. fortran manual

Contact person: P. Descouvemont -
Last updated July 28, 2009