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You are cordially invited to attend the seminar entitled:

Topological transitions and Anderson localization of light in disordered atomic arrays

presented by

Sergey Skipetrov
Laboratoire de Physique et Mod ́elisation des Milieux Condens ́es (LPMMC) CNRS, 25 Avenue des Martyrs, B.P. 166, 38042 GRENOBLE, France

We explore the interplay of disorder and topological phenomena in honeycomb lattices of atoms coupled by the electromagnetic field. On the one hand, disorder can trigger transitions between distinct topological phases and drive the lattice into the topological Anderson insulator state. On the other hand, the nontrivial topology of the photonic band structure suppresses Anderson localization of modes that disorder introduces inside the band gap of the ideal lattice. Furthermore, we discover that disorder can both open a topological pseudogap in the spectrum of an otherwise topologically trivial system and introduce spatially localized modes inside it.

vendredi 10 juin 2022 at 11:00

Room 2N6-110 - Building NO, 6th floor
U.L.B. Campus Plaine
1050 Brussels