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Research programs

1. Nuclear spectroscopy and nuclear reactions:
Theory and Applications Spectroscopy of heavy ions by the "mean field" methods
Development of the microscopic " mean field " methods based on effective nuclear interactions. Adjustment of the interactions and importance of the pairing correlations. Applications to the study of nuclear spectra and of their probabilities of decays in particular in the case of nuclei far from the stability line, neutrons rich nuclei and superheavy nuclei. Applications to the study of high spin states, of superdeformed bands, of fission "isomers ".

Spectroscopy of light nuclei and nuclear reactions by the microscopic multi-clusters models.
These models based on the generator co-ordinate method give a simultaneous description of the bound nuclear states, of the resonances and of the continuum. Applications to nuclear reactions between light ions; in particular with radioactive ions. Applications to reactions of stellar nucleosynthesis. Applications to the description of exotic light nuclei: nuclei with "halo" of neutrons or protons.

Heavy ions reactions and the nucleus-nucleus interaction: phenomenological models
Application to the elastic scattering using radioactive ion beams and highlighting of particular effects related to their structure. Applications to the study of the dissociation of exotic light nuclei in the presence of a Coulomb field. Potential approach compatible with a microscopic description and applications to various nuclear problems. Supersymmetric transformations and the inverse problem in quantum mechanics; solutions in a one channel and in a coupled channels description of the scattering. Construction of a potential starting from the phase shifts and determination of the phase equivalent potentials.

Lagrange-mesh calculations
Applications to various problems in nuclear and atomic physics.

2. Problems at the frontier of the nucleus in the atom or the molecule

3. Mathematical methods in quantum Mechanics
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