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American Journal of Physics1995-97local 2N6-210
Annales de l’Institut H. Poincaré1964-69Cave
Annales de Physique1960-61local 2N6-210
Annals of Physics1960-68Cave
Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables1973 -->I12-I15
Bulletin of the American Phys. Soc.1974-96I23 - I24
Bulletin de la Soc. Math. de Belgique1964-78Cave
Canadian Journal of Physics I24
Chinese Journal of Physics1965-66I7
Clefs CEA (liste à consulter)1989 -->A23
Comments on Atomic and Molecular Physics Cave
Comments on Nuclear and Particle Physics1967-72/76-86Cave
Comments on Solid State Physics Cave
Communications in Mathematical Physics1978 -->F24 – F30
Courrier CERN A25
Current Papers in Physics1975 -->A4, A9
European Physical Journal A1998 -->C13-C14
Europhysics Letters2001 -->E27 – E28
JETP Letters1965-83Cave
Journal de Physique1960-82Cave
Journal de Physique . Lettres1975-82Cave
Journal de Physique - Colloques1966-82Cave
Journal of Mathematical Physics1961-92local 2N6-210
 1993 -->F19- F23
Journal of Physics A : Gen. Phys.1968-70Cave
 1990 -->E29 – F10
Journal of Physics B: At. Mol. Phys.1969-75Cave
 2004 -->F11 - F13
Journal of Physics C: Solid State Phys.1970Cave
Journal of Physics G : Nucl. Phys.1975 -->F14 – F20
Letters in Mathematical Physics1975-86Cave
Muon Catalyzed Fusion1987 -->Armoire
Nuclear Data Sheets1966 -->I15 - I22
Nuclear Data Tables1965-73I15
Nuclear Physics1956-66B1 - B4
Nuclear Physics A1967 -->B4 - B26
Nuclear Physics B1967-82Rotule
Nuovo Cimento1958-60Cave
Nuovo Cimento A1967-70Cave
Nuovo Cimento B1967-70Cave
Nuovo Cimento (Lettere al)1969-70Cave
Nuovo Cimento (La Rivista del)1969-70Cave
Nuovo Cimento (Supplemento al)1958-60/67-68Cave
Physica Scripta1980-83I25
Physical Review 1953-66local 2N6-210
Physical Review A1970 -->D18-E7
Physical Review B1970-90Cave
Physical Review C1970 -->E8-E20
Physical Review D1970-02Rotule
Physical Review Index1966 -->C25-C26
Physical Review Letters1958 -->C27-D14
Physics Abstracts1951-69A14, A15, A19
Physics Abstracts1976-81A20, A4, A10
Physics of Atomic Nuclei1993 -->E24-E26
Physics Letters1962-67Rotule
Physics Letters A1967-74Rotule
Physics Letters A1975-98B27 - C1
Physics Letters B1967-98C2 - C11
Physics Reports1971-72/74-87I26 - I29
Physics Today1960-71Rotule
 1972 -->A24, A29
Portugalia Physica1964-69I25
Proc. of the Physical Society1965-67Cave
Progress of Theoretical physics1946-79Cave
 1980-98C22 - C24
Progress of Theoretical Physics : Suppl.1960-98C21 - C22
Reports on Progress in Physics1969-04I1 - I3
 2008 -->I3
Reviews of Modern Physics1957 -->I4 - I6
Revue de Physique Appliquée1972-82Cave
Soviet Journal of Nuclear Physics1965-92E21 - E24
Soviet Physics JETP1964-65I8
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics1973-92local 2N6-210
 1992 -->G1 – G3
Transactions of the NY Academy of Sc.1965-70I8
The European Physical Journal A1975-97C12 - C13

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